Teresa Bishop

A little about me, I am a Wife and a mom of 4. We decided in 2015 before our last son was born That being home with our kids was important, so I quit my job of almost 10 years. Scentsy had always been a love of mine. I loved that in my Busy Life I could just change out my warmers to match the holiday or season, put in my favorite scent and My home was Decorated and Always Smelt Clean even when it wasn't ;). Now that I wasn't working I thought why not sell Scentsy and Make back some of what I spent and it would allow me to support my Addiction I had for Scentsy. So I signed up in 2016, and in my amazing Journey this far I have met so many Amazing Friend. I have earned extra income allowing us to take our family on Vacations we would have normally been unable to do with one income. My Husband and I earned an all expense paid 7 day Mediterranean Cruise from Scentsy. My Journey with Scentsy is Amazing and I would Love to Share it with you ❤️